BINDER goes to Hollywood

Sản phẩm tủ Binder đến với Hollywood
Sản phẩm tủ Binder đến với Hollywood

BINDER simulation chambers in Hollywood productions

It’s not just the many companies around the world that work with BINDER simulation chambers – now Hollywood has discovered the units too.

BINDER simulation chambers are used around the world in scientific and industrial laboratories and in research institutes for a multitude of complex applications.

Now Hollywood has discovered the BINDER simulation chambers too. For example, in “The Bourne Legacy” – the fourth installment in the film series – research is carried out for secret government projects in a BINDER environmental simulation chamber. Meanwhile, in the well-known American crime series “Elementary”, Sherlock Holmes’ scientific team solves tough murder cases time and again – often with the aid of a BINDER incubator. And lastly, Will Smith manages to save humanity from certain doom in his role as virologist Lt. Colonel Dr. Robert Neville in the Hollywood blockbuster “I am Legend”. Without BINDER, this mission would have failed miserably: Due to a mutated virus, the majority of the human population has been transformed into zombies – degenerate, aggressive and in an animal-like state – who, in turn, infect other humans. In a hidden laboratory, the virologist attempts to find a cure for the virus by experimenting on infected rats. One day he makes a find. And of course, the infected samples are cultivated in a BINDER CO2 incubator ( Tủ ấm CO2 Binder).

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